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March to end rape culture

My PA followers!! a march to end rape culture formerly known as “Slutwalk” will start at 11 am! Till about 1 or 3!! There will be therapist all day if you are triggered by anything at the walk! come hangout and hold my hand! take back your body!

If you have any questions feel free to message me :-)

Pothole- Modern Baseball
(i’m in this video i think)

I won b&c tickets.

I talked to you and didn’t feel sick.

tomorrow I get to walk in the slutwalk 

I got a key to your apartment. 

I lost 13 pounds.

I have a’s in all my classes.

Things are just good. 

I am petrified. 

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today I kissed one of the most attractive person I have ever seen and I cannot comprehend why.

message to myself



don’t be sad, don’t hurt yourself, you’re trying your hardest. You will make it and get into temple. You will not fail, you’re going to become something. Get through this semester, focus, focus, work hard, save money, work harder. Breathe don’t forget to breathe.


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